Air-to-Air Refueling Clearance and Compatibility Database (AAR Matrix)

Colour Scheme
Green – Both countries report compatibility and clearances. Check SRDs of both countries.
Red – One or both countries do not report compatibility or clearance. Check SRDs of both countries.
Orange/Yellow – Restrictions apply like no BDA or a discrepancy in reported clearances/compatibility between nations. Check SRDs of both countries.
Column Headers
TNKR – Tanker Aircraft Type
RCVR – Receiver Aircraft Type
COMP – Compatibility
CLRC – Clearance
TS –¬†Tanker’s National SRD
RS –¬†Receiver’s National SRD
Means of Refuelling Authorized
P=Wing Pod Drogue
CL=Centre Line Drogue
BDA=Boom Drogue Adapter
Type of Clearance
1 = CAT 1 Clearance
2 = CAT 2 Clearance
3 = CAT 3 Clearance
? = Clearance Conflict
X = No Clearance Listed
Y = Clearance exists but is not yet categorised