Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2021

Delivering NATO Air & Space Power at the Speed of Relevance

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Policy and Strategy

A dynamically evolving security environment requires the Alliance to ensure a harmonized provision of more and enhanced capabilities and to have policies in place which will support rapid consensus-building and decision-making to guarantee readiness and preparedness to act. NATO needs to send continuing signals that the Alliance is ready, prepared and capable to act at speed – and willing to further adapt as required.

Leveraging Emerging Technologies

Artificial intelligence, automation, smart systems and new ISR capabilities are just some of the elements required to operate in a high-speed, high-end threat environment. These new technologies will influence the way we further develop our structures, the process of planning and the conduct of operations. In an era where speed of action and reaction is vital, we must find ways of using them to gain a competitive advantage, whilst ensuring they are used in a safe, legally sound and ethically well-considered way.

Dynamic Command and Control Synchronized Across Domains

To increase the speed of decision-making at all levels of command and to increase the survivability of our joint forces in the battlespace, the alliance will require synchronized and resilient C2 across all domains. To cope with peer adversaries’ threats requires the dynamic employment of capabilities in a synchronized manner that presents the opponent with an overwhelming set of simultaneous dilemmas.

Superiority in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

NATO and its member states are being challenged and have to preserve freedom of action in a heavily contested Electromagnetic Environment. At a highly increased level of quality, Electronic Warfare, the fight for control of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) remains an indispensable enabler for NATO forces. It is imperative to maintain access to the EMS and remain able to achieve strategic and operational advantage in order to assure the timely and survivable employment of joint forces.

NATO Space

Many of the most important activities supporting the planning and execution of military operations occur in what has been recently recognized as NATO’s fifth operational domain, Space, which is highly dynamic and rapidly evolving. Space-based capabilities are a critical element of all modern militaries. New approaches are crucial to the Alliance’s ability to maintain access to Space-based data, products, and services, as well as serving as a strong deterrent.

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