Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2021

Delivering NATO Air & Space Power at the Speed of Relevance

In 2021 the Joint Air & Space Power Conference will focus on Delivering NATO Air & Space Power at the Speed of Relevance and will be held from 7 to 9 September 2021 at the Congress Centre Essen, Germany.

Implications due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Current as of 01 September 2021

Dear Joint Air and Space Power Community,

A rising rate of vaccinated people in Germany and neighbouring countries allowed adjusted regulations to prevent the further spread of SARS-CoV-2. The JAPCC drafted a concept with measures that are at its core designed to have a conference that will allow to come together in person and at the same time provide a high level of protection for the health of all participants. For participation in this year’s conference please note:

Due to this fact, authorities and the conference will be held under conditions designed to protect the health of all participants.

Travel to Germany

Please ensure you comply with the most recent regulations for entering into Germany. The latest version of the entry regulations can be found on the German Federal Foreign Office’s webpage.

Proof of Vaccination and Testing

As a participant of our conference, please be prepared to present either a current certificate of a negative Covid-19 test (quick-test or PCR-test) or a document providing proof of vaccination against Covid-19 (full immunization) or recent recovery from a Covid-19 infection (no longer than 6 months ago). Full immunization means that the last required vaccine shot happened at least 14 days ago. We are obliged to check these documents before allowing you to access the conference venue.

If you need a current test, there are several test centres in the vicinity (short driving distance) of Congress Centre Essen For further details please send a mail to or ask at the admin desk at the conference site. Tests (quick-test or PCR-test) are valid for 48 hours. We recommend getting tested in the late afternoon of the day before the conference, just prior to the icebreaker event; one test will then be sufficient to cover all conference events.

For the safe conduct of the conference, we have had to implement some rules in the interest of the health of all participants. By respecting these rules we will contribute to preventing the further spread of SARS-CoV-2 and enable uncomplicated returns for all those who will need to get tested for their onward travels after the end of the conference. Therefore, we ask you to note:

Indoor Rules (Masks/Minimum Distance)

Inside the Conference Building is a general requirement to wear a medical mask. Please have sufficient medical masks available to use during your stay in Essen. We recommend that you have at least two masks per day. There are occasions where wearing a mask is not required (in particular when dining at a table). However, these are explicit exemptions.

In general, and in addition to the obligation to wear a mask, it is also required to keep a distance to each other of at least 1.5 meters. Again, there will be explicit exemptions.

More comprehensive information about rules for dining, breaks and networking are detailed in a “2-pager” which will be sent to all participants. Additionally, we will inform about these rules when we meet for the Icebreaker on 7 September and on the morning of 8 September. However, we encourage you to get acquainted with these rules in advance.

In urgent cases you can be reached during the conference via our Directorate’s phone number +49 2824 90 2201.

We wish you a healthy time until we will meet at the Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2021.

Very respectfully,
The JAPCC Conference Team

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