Aircraft Cross Servicing (ACS) Reactivation

By Air Operations Support Branch, JAPCC


To deliver Air Power to the Alliance, AIRCOM faces challenges in the current international environment which require flexible solutions from limited resources. For enhancing its mission, one of the identified capabilities is the reactivation of the Aircraft Cross Servicing (ACS) program. The current ACS program was inactivated in 2007. The ACS concept presents an opportunity to increase flexibility and acts as a force enabler for NATO air forces. Facing recent changes in the threat, a review and update of the ACS program is required. AIRCOM sent a letter to the JAPCC requesting support in this effort. ACS is currently defined in three different stages: stage A which enables an aircraft to be flown in another mission from a Host Base without change of weapons configuration, stage B which enables an aircraft to be flown on a subsequent operational mission from a Host Base, and stage C which enables an aircraft to continue to its final destination.

Aim & Scope

The aim of this project is to support AIRCOM to rebuild the basic NATO ACS capability (Stage C) in a more simple and effective way and assess possible ways to enhance the ACS capabilities (stage A and B).

The Scope of this project is to:

  • Review relevant governing documentation to include ALP-4.3, Bi-SC Directive 80-3, ACO Directive 80-53 and STANAGs 7105, 7028, 3812, 3430 (Ref C, D, E, F, G, H and I).
  • Determine the current state of ACS training and exercises within NATO.
  • Conduct a gap analysis between the current state, the anticipated requirements and emerging capabilities regarding ACS.
  • Determine the most logical organisation to address the ACS-related shortfalls.
  • Identify opportunities and threats which might occur while implementing this future ACS capability.
  • Provide recommendations to AIRCOM on how to rebuild the ACS capability (Stage C) in an effective and efficient way.
  • Provide an assessment on possible ways to develop NON ACS stage C capabilities in the future (Stage A/B Equivalent).


To support AIRCOM by providing guidance and recommendations on the most effective and efficient way to rebuild the ACS capability in the area of processes, organisational structure and documentation, and assess potential additional ACS capability options for future employment to enhance this operational capability.

Project Team

Project Manager
Colonel Galgani, ITA AF

Project Leader
Lieutenant Colonel Berghuizen, NLD AF


Project Status

Last Update 23 January 2017
Project Definition Report
Research and Data Gathering