Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2016

Preparing NATO for Joint Air Operations in a Degraded Environment


Lieutenant General Jan Broeks

Royal Netherlands Army

Director, International Military Staff, NATO HQ

Lieutenant General Jan Broeks graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Breda and was subsequently posted to 103 (NLD) Supply Battalion. He then served in various logistics postings from 1983 – 2003, including a helicopter squadron, infantry platoon, Supply Battalions, Staff Colleges, Army Command Staff and Defence Staffs. He has also served as a lecturer in Strategic Studies at the Netherlands’ Institute for Defence Studies.

In 2003, he became Head of the Department for General Policies as part of the Army Command Staff. In 2005, when Army Command changed into Command Land Forces, he moved to the position of Head of the Department for Management Support. Promoted to Brigadier in June 2007, he took command of 1 (NLD) Logistic Brigade and was the first Commander of this unit, preparing for the redeployment-mission in ISAF / Uruzgan. He next commanded the mission-tailored Redeployment Task Force.

In April 2010 he became Deputy Director for Plans at the Netherlands Defence Staff, responsible for the execution of the transformation and reorganization / budget reduction programme of the NLD Armed Forces and the MOD. In April 2013, he assumed the position of Military Representative of the Netherlands to the Military Committees of NATO and the EU, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General. As of 27 July 2016 he has served as the Director General of the International Military Staff of NATO.