JAPCC Capstone Document 2020

 June 2020


The Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) was formally established on 1 January 2005 to provide the strategic level proponent for Joint Air and Space Power that was missing in NATO. Soon thereafter, JAPCC was accredited as NATO’s first Centre of Excellence (COE) and, as such, is charged with the development of innovative concepts and solutions required for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power within the Alliance and
the Nations.

Based on two Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), the JAPCC is sponsored by 16 NATO nations who provide a variety of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) that come from all services. Through its multi-discipline organization, the JAPCC chooses the most suitable SMEs for the task and combines their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to transforming NATO’s Air and Space Power. Importantly, as the JAPCC is in support
of, but outside of the NATO Command Structure, it can offer independent objective military advice across the spectrum of Joint Air and Space Power matters to NATO and national policymaking bodies.

The JAPCC’s primary customers include NATO Headquarters, Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, NATO Joint Force Commands, Component Commands and sponsoring nations. However, the JAPCC also accepts Requests for Support (RfS) from other sources as workload and staff availability permit. With a track record of successful products and ever-increasing connections to industry and academia, the JAPCC continues to build upon its reputation as NATO’s preeminent advocate for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power.

Value to NATO

‘The JAPCC is an excellent example of a mature COE that has continuously proven to be a valuable asset to NATO. It is widely recognized as the leading knowledge and expertise provider in its specialised field of Joint Air and Space Power, providing NATO, Sponsoring Nations and other military and civilian institutions with operational and in support of transformation expertise.’

HQ SACT Periodic Assessment Report for The Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Enclosure 1 to HQ / SACT / JFC / COE PD / TT-2126 / SER:NU0560, 11 Mar. 2020.

The Director, JAPCC is also the Commander of NATO Allied Air Command (AIRCOM) and serves in these capacities as a principal advisor to both SACEUR and SACT for all matters concerning the development, transformation, and employment of Joint Air and Space Power. It is therefore a natural fit that the JAPCC is positioned to provide direct support to the Alliance on Joint Air and Space Power matters in the form of advice to and through AIRCOM as well as independently through its projects, discussion forums, written products and direct engagement with NATO HQ and the Bi-Strategic Commands.

Key decision-makers require innovative solutions to improve interoperability and transform NATO Joint Air and Space Power, with ever-decreasing resources, to meet future challenges. Rather than focusing purely on force structure, the JAPCC advocates the development of existing capabilities and generation of new capabilities to support the concepts of force efficiency and force effectiveness.

With NATO as its primary customer, the JAPCC continues to deliver valuable warfare development expertise, especially in the areas of doctrine and concept development, analysis, lessons learned, education, training, exercises and interoperability.

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