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Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2014-2018)

Lieutenant Colonel MBA Martin Menzel began his military carrier in 1985, spending several years in the German Army Engineer branch, including positions as Company Commander and as Chief Instructor at the German Army NCO School. In 1999, he stepped over into the Military Intelligence branch. With a broad range of intelligence positions and functions held at Headquarters 1st German/Netherlands Corps, Joint Force Command Brunssum, SFOR, and ISAF, he became a highly experienced staff officer with regard to the conduct of military intelligence at the operational level in NATO or multinational staff environments. From May 2014 to September 2018, Lieutenant Colonel Menzel served as the JAPCC’s Subject Matter Expert for Research, Analysis and Intelligence Support, and he also was the Assistant Editor of this journal.

Information provided is current as of December 2018

From the Author

The Future Role of Artificial Intelligence

Military Opportunities and Challenges
Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is one of the hottest buzzwords in business and industry, and it has military applications, too. In fact, industry has developed AI as a technology over the last 60 years, and [...]

Countering Hybrid Threats with Air Power?

Making True Sense of the ‘Hybrid Warfare’ Concept
Events of 2014 forced NATO member states to reconsider the international security environment. In the East, Russia’s annexation of Crimea took the world by surprise. Russia’s swift victory appeared especially impressive because it stood in [...]

No Fair Fights

The Effects of Hybrid War, Disinformation, and RPA Automation on NATO Air Power
The monopoly of violence is one element that confirms the statehood of modern nations. By agreeing to allocate ways and means to exert and control violence, the society also defines red lines: The legitimate rules [...]

Knowledge Development vs. Intelligence in NATO

A Problematic Delineation and its Ramifications
For too long, NATO and its member nations perceived Military Intelligence as the staff discipline providing information and assessments exclusively about weather, terrain, and most importantly, ‘the enemy’. Typical defence planning and exercises during the [...]

China’s Aerospace Power 2015

Reconnaissance-Strike Capabilities for an Anti-Access / Area-Denial Strategy
This article is an abbreviated version of a longer ­essay written in September 2014. The full version can be provided on request. Since the early 1990s, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has undertaken an [...]

NATO / Multinational Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Unit

A Feasibility Study
NATO military commanders and Alliance Leaders have consistently identified gaps in NATO’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capability and capacity including the entailed Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) processes. Exercises such as Unified Vision have begun [...]

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