Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Uncrewed Aircraft (UA) do not carry a human operator, but are operated remotely, using various levels of automated functions. They can be a rotary, fixed-wing, or lighter-than-air aircraft and typically include integrated equipment such as propulsion, avionics, fuel, navigation, and communication.

The terms ‘Uncrewed Aircraft’ and ‘Drone’, as well as variations such as ‘Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV)’ or ‘Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)’ are often used interchangeably but are actually deliberately defined to reflect certain classes, attributions or certifications of unmanned systems. Over the past decades, the use of such systems has increased and they provide distinctive capabilities such as intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, precision targeting and precision strike with reduced risk.

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Potential Game Changer for Close Air Support

Enhancing UAS Role in Contested Environments
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The New-Breed Decision Makers
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Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Andre Haider

Subject Matter Expert 
Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Lieutenant Colonel Haider is an artillery officer by trade with over fifteen years’ experience in command & control and operational planning. He is the Joint Air Power Competence Centre’s (JAPCC) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Subject Matter Expert for almost ten years and represents the JAPCC in the NATO Joint Capability...


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