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Lieutenant General Poschwatta is the Commander of the German Air Operations Command and the Executive Director of the Joint Air Power Competence Centre, both located in Kalkar, Germany. He is a Weapon Systems Officer of the TORNADO fighter bomber aircraft and held command positions at both, Group and Wing levels. Additionally, he served in various national and international staff positions in air as well as joint staffs, and in the German Ministry of Defence. These appointments included operational assignments in Afghanistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina. At flag officer rank, he was the Deputy Chief of Staff Operations at German Air Force HQ Gatow, the Deputy Commander of the Bundeswehr Joint Operations Command Potsdam, followed by an operational deployment as Chief of Staff HQ Resolute Support in Kabul.

Information provided is current as of October 2023

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Initiated by Germany in 2018, AIR DEFENDER 2023 (AD23) aimed to be the most extensive deployment and live flying exercise of Air Forces in Europe since the establishment of NATO. Its purpose was to send [...]

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