Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022

11–13 October 2022
Congress Centre Essen, Germany

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Enhancing NATO Air & Space Power in an Age of Global Competition

In 2022 the Joint Air & Space Power Conference will focus on Enhancing NATO Air & Space Power in an Age of Global Competition and will be held from 11 to 13 October 2022 at the Congress Centre Essen, Germany.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre has been NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power, providing advice to senior leaders and solutions to challenges facing our Alliance. Our annual Joint Air and Space Power Conference has become an esteemed venue for senior leaders and experts to discuss and debate issues affecting Joint Air and Space capabilities and interoperability with an eye on strengthening assurance, deterrence and defence. It provides a unique venue for you to help inform and shape the thinking of Joint Air and Space practitioners from across NATO, the European Union and other international partners.

At the upcoming Madrid Summit, NATO nations will agree to a new Strategic Concept that will define the approach of the Alliance to maintain peace and security, drive NATO’s strategic adaptation and guide its future political and military development. It will thus provide overarching guidance for NATO’s political activities and decision-making on military capabilities, structures and processes.

The Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2022 will explore how NATO should further proceed on its path to address the challenges to security and enhance NATO Air and Space Power in face of global, systemic competition. NATO will have to meet the requirements of a multi-faceted, demanding environment to remain a credible Alliance for the defence of its members and the shared values of our free and democratic societies.

We would be delighted to meet you in Essen and encourage you to pass the message about this year’s theme and topics to members of your organization that might particularly benefit from participating in our Conference. Early registrations are very much appreciated to support our planning.

Conference Panels

Panel 1
What is Global Competition and what are the implications for our security?
From a broader security perspective, the first panel will look at the strategic reality with its existing and upcoming challenges and threats that are part of the ongoing global and systemic competition. To what extent can these challenges be addressed by the military and other means that are – or should be – part of the toolbox of the Alliance and its members and partners? And to what extent will this impact NATO’s role in Peacetime?
Panel 2
What are the consequences for deterrence and defence?
How to best organize and strengthen deterrence and defence in this environment will be discussed in the second panel from a particular defence perspective. A comprehensive, whole of government policy approach to defence will be paramount. In view of new demanding threats to allied territory, which are closer and faster than a decade ago, NATO’s answers to ensuring deterrence have to be revisited. A new emphasis on resilience will have to take into account threats and vulnerabilities in Space, Cyber and the Electromagnetic Environment.
Panel 3
How can we enhance defence and industrial processes to deliver the capabilities we need?
The need to field new technically advanced systems in due time, together with a new emphasis on interoperability and technical standards generates various demands from a defence planning and industry perspective. Therefore, the third panel will look into new approaches to multinational defence planning, common-funded solutions, and incentives to reinforce industrial cooperation. How can government / defence processes be better linked with processes on the industrial side in order to ensure that delivered capabilities meet the demand?
Panel 4
How do we ensure our forces are ready to provide for effective defence?
Panel four will enquire, from the command perspective, how to ensure that forces and capabilities are postured, ready and connected to provide effective defence. Could the idea of joint operations with decentralized command be considered an option in view of technological advances that will enable activities across domains? Which approaches should be pursued to sufficiently integrate operations of available legacy systems and advanced force capabilities under multi-domain joint command in accelerated operations cycles?

Why you should attend

Renowned experts from the political, academic, military and business spheres will debate in four themed panels, the challenges and questions raised inside this trifold, and how the Alliance and its partners might best evolve and leverage Air and Space capabilities to enhance and sustain NATO’s three core tasks of Collective Defence, Crisis Management and Cooperative Security.

This is your opportunity to hear from senior military and civilian leaders from across NATO and the nations on these topics of extreme importance, and to engage and contribute to a robust discussion aimed at strengthening and enhancing the Alliance.

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Our Target Audience

For participation in the Joint Air and Space Power Conference, the JAPCC particularly wishes to consider

  • Active military and civilian personnel of NATO and EU countries serving in security and defence related positions of their governments or forces
  • Active military and civilian personnel assigned to positions in NATO or EU
  • Members of selected NATO Partners as well as active professionals from industry and academia engaged in security and defence related topics

We ask you to use your organisation’s business email address for registration. If you belong to the actively serving military and civilian personnel of the first two categories, your email address will be sufficient to identify you and enable a quick confirmation of your participation. If you belong to another group you will receive – once participation has been approved – a formal invitation with a registration code that will then enable a registration with this code.

We do not want to miss any active professional that can add particular value to our conference. Therefore, should you feel to belong to one of the groups listed above, and need a code to register, please do not hesitate to enter your email and send us a note. Overall, we wish to preserve a setting that allows our audience to have informed, frank and controversial discussions as we experienced them during past conferences and are looking forward to your registration for this year’s JAPCC conference.

We ask for your understanding that you may receive a regret in case that we need to balance participation or exceed the maximum number of participants.

Exhibitor Information

The Joint Air and Space Power Conference offers a splendid opportunity to discuss imminent and future challenges in the Air and other interconnected domains. Even last year, despite the particular challenges of the pandemic, the conference attracted nearly 300 participants, including more than 80 flag officers and civilian equivalents. Together with the team of the Messe Essen Congress Centre, the JAPCC provides a unique setting to enable far-reaching debates for high-ranking leaders and experts from politics and the military, as well as from academia and industry. As usual, the conference will be an ideal venue for a stimulating exchange of thoughts and ideas which provides the opportunity to explore new collaborative areas. Industry involvement is greatly valued as part of the networking and cooperation activities that have made the JAPCC conference so special.

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