Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2018

The Fog of Day Zero – Joint Air & Space in the Vanguard

From 9-11 October 2018 the NATO Joint Air Power Competence Centre hosted its annual Joint Air and Space Power Conference. Senior civilian and military personnel from 28 nations attended as speakers, panelists or guests.

This year’s Conference theme was “The Fog of Day Zero: Joint Air and Space in the Vanguard.” The two-day program of keynote speeches and panels examined the phase before and until an official crisis threatens peace and security for NATO Allies and partners. They considered myriad challenges to security for instance revisionist powers, climate change and cyber-attacks. Attendees were asked to consider their ability to recognize threats and their will and ability to respond to them.

Speakers also discussed obstacles for Allied actions, and readiness for carrying out such actions across all domains. Speakers challenged attendees to consider their reliance on space operations and perhaps declare space as a new domain.

The Conference closed with a thought-provoking panel which focused on today’s and future capabilities, challenges and solution approaches around DAY ZERO.

The Conference welcomed almost 300 civilian and military personnel. Fifty-five General Officers were in attendance, including the Air Chiefs of Belgium, Lithuania, Estonia, and Croatia. The JAPCC also welcomed senior personnel from Peru, Chile, and Australia.

Full Conference Proceedings will be published on the JAPCC website soon.

The 2019 Joint Air and Space Power Conference will be held 8-10 October, in Essen, Germany.

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