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Our online features are short, online-only articles that respond to current developments and ideas on a wide range of air and space-related topics. They also report on news within the JAPCC. We welcome unsolicited manuscripts and invite you to submit them via email to .

A full list of online features published by the JAPCC can be downloaded from this page.



The new NATO Space Centre of Excellence

A Newcomer in the World of Space Expertise for NATO’s Benefit
Over decades, Space has taken an increasingly important role in all the aspects of our daily life. As a result, we are now permanently connected to and through ‘Space’. The strategic features of Space have [...]

It’s a Question of Gender!

Unmanned is now Uncrewed
‘Gender-inclusive language is about writing and speaking in a way that does not discriminate or marginalize on the basis of gender and does not promote or perpetuate gender stereotypes. Therefore, using gender-inclusive language proactively and [...]

Beyond the Blue

JAPCC’s Journey Through the 5th Operational Domain
Joint Air Power Competence Centre’s journey to Space began at its establishment in 2005 with the recognition that Space is a critical domain, enabling the application of military power across all domains. The 2008 whitepaper [...]

MDO: What’s in a Name?

Transforming JAPCC’s JADO Project to Better Support ACT’s MDO Concept
What started years ago as an operational answer to counter the Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) threat has become one of the most challenging endeavours NATO has ever undertaken. The challenges posed by the A2/AD posture represent [...]

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