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Be NATO’s catalyst for the improvement and transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; delivering effective solutions through independent thought and analysis.

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As a team of multinational experts, we’re to provide key decision-makers effective solutions on Air and Space Power challenges, in order to safeguard NATO and the Nations’ interests.

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Drone Drills

Well-established emergency procedures are vital for swift and efficient crisis management across military, civil, and public sectors. These protocols encompass first aid, fire, and bomb threat calls, aiming to save lives, prevent harm, and minimize destruction. Regular drills ensure that all stakeholders are well-versed in these procedures, contributing to effective crisis handling and safety. While established protocols exist for common emergencies, organizations often lack specific plans for drone incidents, which are becoming more prevalent due to increased drone usage. Responses...

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Our multinational team of subject matter experts from across all military services provides the Alliance with recognized expertise, experience, and in-depth knowledge committed to delivering effective solutions for the Alliance through independent thought and analysis.

Joint Air and Space Power Conference 2024

Challenges and Opportunities for Air and Space Power in an Evolving Security Environment

We cordially invite distinguished delegates, stakeholders, and experts in the field of Joint Air and Space Power to attend our annual conference, which will take place from 8 to 10 October 2024 at the Congress Centre ‘Messe Essen’ in Essen, Germany. This event offers a forum to explore the theme of ‘Challenges and Opportunities for Air and Space Power in an Evolving Security Environment’.

Participants can look forward to a comprehensive two-day programme featuring intellectually stimulating panels, thought-provoking sessions, and active engagement and networking opportunities.

Beginning with Panel 1 – A World Reshaped: Navigating the Ripple Effects of Shifting Power Dynamics, we will explore the complex changes in global power dynamics and how they impact NATO’s strategic landscape. From emerging conflicts to evolving international relations and rapid technological advancements, this panel will set the stage for following panellists and speakers.

Panel 2 – Battlefield Evolution: The Role of Joint Air and Space Power in Contemporary Conflict will focus on the crucial role of Joint Air and Space Power in shaping modern conflicts. Through a detailed analysis of adaptability and innovation, panellists will discuss how connectivity and technological advancements have transformed warfare. By examining examples such as Ukraine’s innovations and the impact of connectivity on military operations, this session aims to shed light on the challenges and opportunities to operations brought by changing technology.

Panel 3 – Contested Air Superiority: Adapting to the Drone and Missile Age, will examine the implications of advanced drone and missile technologies on current offensive and defensive operational practices. As drones, loitering munitions, and precision missiles challenge traditional concepts of air dominance, this panel will bring together a group of experts to analyse the strategic, operational, and tactical consequences of these developments. Valuable insights will be shared to help maintain freedom of action in an increasingly contested airspace.

In conclusion, Panel 4 – The Role of Industry: Bolstering Deterrence Through Enhanced Capabilities will highlight the crucial partnership between defence agencies and industry in maintaining technological superiority. This panel will explore how industry can support NATO’s efforts in advancing emerging technologies and adapting to the changing nature of warfare. From production capacity to technological innovation, this session will provide a thorough evaluation of options to preserve our technological advantage.

The Joint Air and Space Conference 2024 aims to facilitate active engagement and meaningful dialogue among participants. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with senior military and civilian leaders from NATO and various nations. Through lively discussions, insights sharing, and shaping the future of international security, participants will play a key role in advancing collective knowledge.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Essen!

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Drone Drills

How to Prepare for a Drone Incident
By Lt Col 
Well-established emergency procedures are vital for swift and efficient crisis management across military, civil, and public sectors. These protocols encompass first aid, fire, and bomb threat calls, aiming to save lives, prevent harm, and minimize [...]

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The JAPCC’s mission is to provide advice and subject matter expertise for the transformation of Joint Air and Space Power; provide independent analysis and solutions to the Alliance of Nations, as well as future-oriented visions of Air and Space Power, all of which have to be realised in high-quality real-time professional output and targeted media. Our diverse online publication archives and academic material are professionally produced to communicate effectively and be recognised as a reliable and professional resource.

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Based on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the JAPCC is sponsored by 14 NATO nations who provide a variety of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME) that come from all three services. Through its multi-discipline organization, the JAPCC chooses the most suitable SMEs for the task and combines their knowledge and experience to fully contribute to transforming NATO’s A&S Power. More importantly, the JAPCC is not constrained by the need for consensus or by political expediency in developing ideas. It can offer independent military advice across the spectrum of A&S Power to NATO HQs and national policy-making bodies.

Our primary customers are NATO Headquarters (Allied Command Operations, Allied Command Transformation, NATO Joint Commands and Air Command) and sponsoring nations. However, the JAPCC does accept Requests for Support (RfS) from other sources via our RfS form, which can be accessed via the link below. With numerous successful products and ever-increasing connections with industry and academia, the JAPCC continues to build upon its reputation as NATO’s preeminent advocate for the development and enhancement of Joint A&S Power

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A&S Power SMEs, drawn from the Land, Maritime and Air components of the 16 MoU nations, conduct collaborative research into areas in which JAPCC assistance is requested by leveraging their independent thought and a global network of experts that reach across the military, academic and industrial spheres. The resulting analysis and solutions are disseminated via studies, reports, journal articles, seminars, panels and conferences.

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