A Comprehensive Approach to Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This technical manual covers all aspects of having to counter the full spectrum of unmanned aircraft and their respective system components. It should serve to bring together both civilian and military experts by initiating thought and emphasizing NATO’s approach to a comprehensive solution for countering unmanned aircraft systems. …

JAPCC Journal Edition 30

It is our pleasure to present this 30th edition of the JAPCC Journal, Transforming Joint Air and Space Power. We have a variety of articles in our ‘15th Anniversary Edition’ that will offer you some interesting reads during this exceptional time. …

JAPCC Capstone Document 2020

With NATO as its primary customer, the JAPCC continues to deliver valuable warfare development expertise, especially in the areas of doctrine and concept development, analysis, lessons learned, education, training, exercises and interoperability.

Reshaping Close Support

The aim of this report is to show how ‘close support’ mission operations in the future may be drastically different than what the Alliance has conducted over the last 30 years. It addresses potential shortfalls in available assets resulting in close support coverage limitations. It also portrays the potential challenges of providing close support to troops in areas that are highly contested.
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