JAPCC Journal Edition 31

Issue 31 addresses some hot topics in the Alliance today including 4th and 5th Generation systems integration, emerging hypersonic technologies, AI support to Battlespace Management, and the evolution of the Cyberspace and Space domains in NATO. …

Surface to Exosphere

The Joint Air Power Competence Centre’s
Impact on Transformation 2005-2020

The ability to prevail in future conflict will be determined by the intellectual component – the ability to out-think any adversary will be decisive. The ‘home’ of the Intellectual Component for NATO Air and Space Power is the JAPCC – NATO’s dedicated Air and Space Warfare Centre.

A Comprehensive Approach to
Countering Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This technical manual covers all aspects of having to counter the full spectrum of unmanned aircraft and their respective system components. It should serve to bring together both civilian and military experts by initiating thought and emphasizing NATO’s approach to a comprehensive solution for countering unmanned aircraft systems. …

Resiliency in Space as a
Combined Challenge for NATO

This White Paper assesses dependencies stated in national and relevant NATO doctrine. It addresses Space functional areas and their importance based on current and historical NATO operations. A wide threat assessment is undertaken, based on the capability as well as the foreseeable threats in different operation types and intensities. Potential outcomes are discussed and addressed.
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