Hypersonic Vehicles

Hypersonic vehicles incorporate the speed of a ballistic missile with the manoeuvring capabilities of a cruise missile. The term refers to weapons that travel faster than Mach 5 (~3,800mph) and can manoeuvre during the entire flight. These vehicles are specifically designed for increased survivability against modern ballistic missile defence systems. Hypersonic vehicles can deliver conventional or nuclear payloads at ultra-high velocities over long ranges.

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Hypersonic Weapons

The Defining Challenge of Our Time
For most people, hypersonic weapons and aircraft represent yet another 21 However, hypersonic studies have an extended history stretching back over half a century. In October 1967, William J. Knight, an aeronautical engineer, piloted the [...]

Hypersonic Threats

Hype or Game Changer for NATO’s Deterrence?
It is almost impossible to read current literature about NATO‘s threat spectrum without having Hypersonic Operational Threats (HOT) mentioned as an emerging ‘game-changer.’ The following article is based on a Specialist Team Report of NATO’s [...]

Distance No Longer Equals Protection

Development and Testing of Authorities and Planning Concepts for Hypersonic Strike Weapons
‘The military services are ramping up spending on hypersonic weapons and defense capabilities, from rocket-based glide systems to air-breathing weapons to low-altitude cruise missiles and more.’ Advances in technology continue to outpace the techniques, procedures, [...]

The Differences Between Unmanned Aircraft, Drones, Cruise Missiles and Hypersonic Vehicles

To define the impact of unmanned aerial systems on current and future NATO operations, it is very important to identify which kind or category of threats are included and which are not. This section will [...]

Hypersonics: Changing the NATO Deterrence Game

As NATO ‘increases investment into innovation to harness the benefits and mitigate the risks of emerging technologies, such as hypersonic systems,’ will the current ‘balanced and defensive package of measures that ensure the credibility and [...]

Hypersonic Vehicles

Game Changers for Future Warfare?
Hypersonic technologies offer potential solutions and applications that could have a strong impact on doctrine and conduct of future military operations. Different applications are conceivable for hypersonic flight vehicles in order to enable new or [...]

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