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Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2018

The Fog of Day Zero – Joint Air & Space in the Vanguard

Conference Agenda

09 October 2018

Icebreaker and Industry Showcase

10 October 2018

Inaugural Session with JAPCC Director´s Opening Address

Keynote Speech

Panel 1: The ‘Day Zero’ Threat Enviroment: Modern Threat Vectors, Adversary Shaping Operations and the Article V Threshold

Director’s Luncheon

Panel 2: Joint Air Power in the Vanguard of NATO´s Response: Capabilities, Vulnerabilities, and Challenges

Panel 3: Does NATO Have the Required Mindset to Fight on Day Zero?

Director and VIP Tour of Industry Showcases

Networking Dinner and Industry Showcase

11 October 2018

Keynote Speech

Panel 4: How Can NATO Address Emerging Security Challenges Using Air and Space Power?


Director’s Closing Remarks



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