Joint Rotary Wing

Military rotary wing forces play an integral role in the land, sea and air operations of modern services. The support/transport helicopters, as part of these assets, conduct specific tasks in several roles: they provide quick access to the combat area in all domains, can be the lifeline for Joint Personnel Recovery and MEDEVAC, are crucial in supporting Special Operations, and enhance the over-the-horizon view for commanders. They are also able to provide local security support against small attacks from ground forces.

Modern support/transport helicopters are ready for Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), provide maneuverability and flexibility to the commander, and contribute to the success of joint missions.

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Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Systems

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Future Battlefield Rotorcraft Capability

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Subject Matter Experts


Tommaso Barone

Subject Matter Expert 
Joint Personnel Recovery, Joint Rotary Wing

Lieutenant Commander Tommaso Barone joined the Italian Navy in 1997. He was trained by the US Navy and qualified as Naval Aviator in 2003. He participated in all major operations including ‘Active Endeavour’, ‘Leonte’, ‘Atalanta’ and ‘Isaf’. In 2010 he deployed on ITS CVH ‘Cavour’ for the Operation ‘White Crane’...


Eelco Tolsma

Subject Matter Expert 
Joint Personnel Recovery, Joint Rotary Wing

Major Eelco S.Tolsma joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 1987 to become a helicopter pilot. After earning his wings he started his flying career at 300 squadron at Deelen AB which he soon left to join 303 Search and Rescue Squadron at Leeuwarden AB in the northern part of...


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