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Our mission is to provide key decision-makers with effective solutions to Air and Space Power challenges in order to safeguard NATO and the Nations’ interests. Therefore, the JAPCC is in constant dialogue with NATO’s political and military leadership. Interviews and viewpoints of dedicated key leaders can be found on this page.

Featured Publications

The Alliance’s Transition to Multi-Domain Operations

An AIRCOM Perspective
By Sqn Ld 
The concept of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) has gained prominence in the context of NATO’s military strategy. What started years ago as an operational answer to peer adversary competition, in particular, to counter the Russian Anti-Access/Area [...]

The Finnish Air Force

Ensuring Readiness and Leveraging High-End Air Capabilities while Integrating with NATO
By Maj Gen 
‘Today and in the future, the FINAF has a crucial role in constituting the backbone of security in the challenging Northern Eastern operational environment.’ The Finnish Air Force (FINAF) is recognized for its rich history, [...]

The Italian Navy Carrier Strike Group

Vanguard for the Nation
By VAdm 
De Carolis 
‘The Italian Navy Fleet is undergoing a thorough process of preparation and training to guarantee the readiness of its forces and to ensure the maritime defence and security of our country, protecting national interests and [...]

Charting a New Course

The Czech Air Force Transition to an Exciting New Era
By Maj Gen 
Today, the Czech Armed Forces (CAF) and its Air Force are at a historical and conceptual turning point. This year, it celebrates 30 years since establishing a separate Czech Armed Forces after the dissolution of [...]

A Transformative Exercise

Air Defender 2023: Elevating NATO’s Defence Strategies
By Lt Gen 
Initiated by Germany in 2018, AIR DEFENDER 2023 (AD23) aimed to be the most extensive deployment and live flying exercise of Air Forces in Europe since the establishment of NATO. Its purpose was to send [...]

Air Power in the Russian-Ukrainian War: Myths and Lessons Learned

View from the Command Post
By Col 
By Lt Gen 
By Lt Gen 
Editor’s note: The JAPCC is presenting this article as a personal account from the Ukraine Air Chief and staff in their own words to further the public discourse on the war in Ukraine. The views [...]

Shaping Tomorrow’s Air Force

Many Challenges and Even More Opportunities!
By Maj Gen 
The geopolitical landscape is unprecedented and scattered more than ever. Facing emerging powers possessing state-of-the-art technologies becomes a day-to-day reality. Threats to our safety and global security evolve continuously. Crude actions and the aggressive rhetoric [...]

100 Years of the Italian Air Force

An Introspective Look over a Centenary of Tangible Relevance
By Lt Gen 
The JAPCC’s Interview with Lieutenant General Luca Goretti, Chief of the Italian Air Force ‘We already have the institutional duty to defend our skies; in the coming years, threats will come from much higher, but [...]

Transforming the RNLAF into a 5th Generation Air Force: Just Doing It!

By Lt Gen 
The world is changing rapidly. The geopolitical landscape is transforming as a result of the strategic competition among existing, emerging, and revisionist powers. Simultaneously, these powers are developing emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, quantum [...]

Excellence in Joint Air and Space Power

Director’s Reflection
By Gen 
Jeffrey L. 
The last three years presented a dynamic and challenging strategic environment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, its Allies and partners across the globe. Looking back to where we started this journey in 2019, we [...]

Polish Air Force – Transition from Warsaw Pact to NATO

A JAPCC Interview
By Brig Gen 
The JAPCC’s Interview with Brigadier General Sławomir Żakowski, Deputy Commander, Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) Uedem, Germany. I associate the 1990s primarily with Poland regaining full sovereignty as a result of the collapse of the [...]

The ‘Land Approach’ to the Space Domain

Developing Space Expertise in Land Forces
By Maj Gen 
Space has recently been recognized by NATO as the fifth operational domain for military operations and guarantees fundamental services and applications for all Armed Forces, strongly influencing the success of modern military operations. Main services provided [...]

Dynamic Challenges and the Need to Adapt

Looking Ahead for the Improvement and Transformation of Joint Air and Space Power
By Lt Gen 
Since its establishment in 2005, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) has aimed to provide key decision-makers with effective solutions to Air and Space Power challenges. This is our mission, and by doing so, [...]

The Need for Speed

More and Better Military Tools are Not Enough
By Brig Gen 
2020 was a challenging year, as we continued to provide deterrence and security for our Alliance in the face of the CoVID-19 Pandemic. I was impressed by the way all of us continually found innovative [...]

Vigilance Must Endure

Comprehensive Readiness for the 21st Century
By Gen 
Tod D. 
NATO’s comprehensive deterrence and defence activities continue to sustain peace and defend the sovereignty of member nations across the Euro-Atlantic area with overwhelming success. However, we must maintain positive campaign momentum with respect to our [...]

The Luftwaffe in Multi-Domain Operations

By Lt Gen 
NATO is living through one of the most challenging periods of its existence. Our security environment has become even more complex and increasingly dynamic. Our security situation is characterized by crises, conflicts and the revival [...]

Alliance Ground Surveillance Force

NATO’s Premier, Multi-Domain Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance System
By Maj Gen 
The NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Force (NAGSF) is a ‘quantum leap’ in NATO’s Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities, with unprecedented integration to benefit NATO and all 30 Alliance nations. It is the world’s most [...]

Space Situational Awareness

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall
By Maj Gen 
Juan P. 
Sánchez de Lara 
Space operations have arrived to stay. The later we realize it, the later we will be organized, equipped, trained and therefore ready to respond to any incident affecting the access to our National space services [...]

Czech Air Force – Now and in the Future

The JAPCC’s Interview with Major General Petr Hromek, Commander of the Czech Air Force
By Maj Gen 
On 1 May 2018, Major General Petr Hromek became the new Commander of the Czech Air Force. He replaced Major General Jaromir Šebesta. Despite the fact that the Czech Air Force may be thought of [...]

Modernizing NATO in the North

The JAPCC’s Interview with Major General Tonje Skinnarland, Chief of the Royal Norwegian Air Force
By Maj Gen 
First, I would stress that in the European part of the Alliance we need to pay attention both to the South, East and the North. In many ways, the different regions have different challenges. However, [...]

Multi-Domain Command and Control

Maintaining Our Asymmetric Advantage
By Maj Gen 
Timothy M. 
‘War is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action in war is based are wrapped in a fog of greater or lesser uncertainty. […] The commander in war must work [...]

Sustaining the Most Powerful Military Alliance

A Senior Airman’s View on Challenges to NATO
By Gen 
Tod D. 
Over the past year and a half, it has been a privilege to command NATO’s Allied Air Command (AIRCOM), US Air Forces Europe and US Air Forces Africa. Add in the role as the Director [...]

Royal Danish Air Force – Next Generation

Interview with Major General Max A. L. T. Nielsen, Chief of Air Staff, Defence Command Denmark
By Maj Gen 
Max A.L.T. 
After more than fifteen years of fighting terrorism, we have grown accustomed to being superior to our opponent in regards to our war fighting capabilities. In the near future, we must – once again – [...]

The Royal Canadian Air Force and NATO

In Preparing for Domestic and Continental Missions, the RCAF Prepares for NATO Operations
By Lt Gen 
Interview with Lieutenant General Michael J. Hood, Commander, Royal Canadian Air Force RCAF support to NATO is clearly implicit in the Canadian Armed Forces’ three enduring roles: defence of Canada; defence of North America in [...]

NATO Air Power

The Last Word
By Gen 
‘If we lose the war in the air, we lose the war and we lose it quickly.’ General Bernard Law Montgomery, SHAPE Deputy SACEUR 1951–1958 My three-year tour as the commander of NATO Allied Air [...]

Fit for the Future

Interview with Lieutenant General Alexander Schnitger, Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force
By Lt Gen 
Some call it the post-industrial age. I feel uncomfortable with this designation. The most influential driver of this new world, this new society, I believe is the exponential technological development witnessed in all areas of [...]

Daily Ready to Serve Italy and NATO

Interview with Lieutenant General Pasquale Preziosa, Chief of the Italian Air Force
By Lt Gen 
The Italian Air Force has been carrying out airborne ISR operations with our RPAS for ten years, with a large operational experience accumulated both in various out-of-area operations and in support of other govern­mental agencies [...]

If We Are Not Talking About Air, Who Else Will?

10 Years of the JAPCC
By Lt Gen 
With this journal issue, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) celebrates its 10th anniversary. The JAPCC was and has been, since its accreditation in 2005, the first and largest NATO Centre of Excellence (CoE). [...]

Looking Back …

JAPCC History Paved by Leadership
By Air Cdre 
Madelein M.C. 
Since it was established in 2005, The Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC), NATO’s first Centre of Excellence (CoE), was empowered to advance improvements and the transformation process of Joint Air and Space Power (A&SP) [...]

Luftwaffe Preparing for Future Challenges

Interview with the Chief of the German Air Force Staff
By Lt Gen 
Lieutenant General Karl Müllner is the Chief of Staff of the German Air Force (GAF). The JAPCC is grateful for the support we receive from the GAF and from Lieutenant General Müllner personally. Recently, he [...]

Interview with General Gorenc

Interview with Commander US Air Forces in Europe, US Air Forces Africa, Allied Air Command and Director Joint Air Power Competence Centre
By Gen 
I’m very familiar with the US Air Forces Europe and US Air Forces Africa mission sets having been previously assigned to Ramstein AB, Germany as the 3rd Air Force Commander. During this time frame, 3rd [...]

The JAPCC Interview with the Supreme Allied Commander Europe

Interview with General Breedlove, SACEUR, U.S. Air Force
By Gen 
Philip M. 
I have spent almost a third of my military career in Europe, but primarily in national positions. Commanding AIRCOM was my first real tour in NATO. Discussing and working together with my counterparts from the [...]

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