Combat Air

Combat Air (CA) is the heart of Joint Air Power. NATO’s ability to deter and defend relies on the freedom of manoeuvre throughout all domains. CA contributes to that freedom by providing Air Superiority, Suppression of Enemy Air Defences, Air Interdiction, Electromagnetic Operations, Close Air Support, Integrated Air and Missile Defence, NATO Ballistic Missile Defence, and Personnel Recovery. This Branch incorporates manned and unmanned platforms, with fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, and draws from all components within Alliance air and space forces.

Featured Publications

Allied Air Command Lessons from Ukraine

Implications from NATO Air & Space Power Conference
By Wg Cdr 
The ongoing conflict between Russia (RUS) and Ukraine (UKR) has presented a unique opportunity for the Alliance to reflect on the experiences of both combatants and extract significant lessons for both the Air and Space [...]

Quantum Technologies for Air and Space

Quantum-Enhanced Radars and Electronic Warfare: Use Cases and Timelines
By Dr 
This article is the second instalment of a three-part series that delves into the realm of Quantum Technology (QT). Specifically, it explores the applications of this cutting-edge field within the military’s Air, Space, and Cyberspace [...]

The Alliance’s Transition to Multi-Domain Operations

An AIRCOM Perspective
By Sqn Ld 
The concept of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) has gained prominence in the context of NATO’s military strategy. What started years ago as an operational answer to peer adversary competition, in particular, to counter the Russian Anti-Access/Area [...]

Subject Matter Experts


Erhan Güleç

Subject Matter Expert 
Close Air Support

Major Erhan Güleç graduated from the Turkish Air Force Academy in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering and was stationed as an Intercept Controller (IC) at the Control and Reporting Centre (CRC) of Diyarbakir, Türkiye. Following his Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering, in 2013, he joined the Airborne...

Lieutenant Colonel

Andre Haider

Subject Matter Expert 
Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Lieutenant Colonel Haider began his military career with the German Armed Forces in April 1992. He initially served as a Personnel NCO in the 150th Rocket Artillery Battalion HQ. Following his promotion to Lieutenant in 1998, he took on the role of an MLRS platoon leader within the same battalion....


Andrea Magi

Subject Matter Expert 
Maritime Air and Carrier Operations

Commander Andrea Magi joined the Italian Navy in 1990. After serving on board frigates and the ITS Garibaldi as the Electronic Warfare Officer, he was assigned to the Gruppo Aerei Imbarcati, the Italian Navy Harrier AV8B+ Squadron, as Intelligence Officer and served on board Italian Navy aircraft carriers. In 2014,...


Tamás Oszlár

Subject Matter Expert 
Attack Helicopters

Major Oszlar joined the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) in 1987 and started his military education at “Szolnok” Military Aviation College in Hungary. He was assigned to the 31. “Kapos” Tactical Fighter Wing 1990 as air traffic controller. He graduated on NATO Staff College Joint Command and General Staff Course at...

Lieutenant Colonel

Emiliano Pellegrini

Subject Matter Expert 
Attack Helicopters

Lieutenant Colonel Emiliano PELLEGRINI was commissioned in the Italian Army in 1990, when he was admitted to the Italian Army Military Academy. After five years of studies in the Academy was appointed as Mountain Artillery Officer where served for four years before to transit to the Italian Air Force schools...

Lieutenant Colonel

Athanasios Sdrakas

Subject Matter Expert 
Electronic Warfare and SEAD

Lieutenant Colonel Athanasios Sdrakas graduated from Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Academy with a BSc in Aeronautics in 2000. He holds two MScs in International Affairs from Nicosia University of Cyprus and in Environmental, Disaster and Crises Management Strategies from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He initially served in the...


Aaron Shiffer

Subject Matter Expert 
Maritime Air and Carrier Operations

Commander Aaron Shiffer commissioned into the United States Navy in 2000. Initial training pilot training was in the P-3C Orion serving two US operational tours and a 3rd with the Royal Australian Air Force. After completing a tour on board the USS GEORGE HW BUSH, he transitioned to the P-8A...

Lieutenant Colonel

Kim Vogt

Subject Matter Expert 
Air & Missile Defence

Lieutenant Colonel Kim Vogt currently serves as a subject matter expert for integrated air and missile defence at the Joint Air Power Competence Centre. He joined the German Armed Forces in September 2001. Following the completion of his Officer Training, he studied Economic Studies at the University of the German...

Lieutenant Colonel

Giovanni Zanier

Subject Matter Expert 
Precision Guided Munitions

Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Zanier joined the Italian Air Force in 1994, attending the Italian Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli (Italy) as ROTC pilot. He completed the Basic and Advance Pilot Training course at the 61st Air Brigade – Galatina AFB – in 1996, before attending the AM-X OCU in Amendola...


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