Electronic Warfare and SEAD

The freedom of military action on today’s battlefield largely depends on the capability to gain access to and superiority over the Electromagnetic Spectrum. This allows forces to communicate effectively, navigate with confidence, build situational awareness, share information, synchronize operations, and engage accurately in times of peace, crises, or conflict.

Electromagnetic threats from state and non-state actors combined with the growing use of commercial electronic systems, usually connected with civil infrastructure, and the increasing globalization of military technology have made the Electromagnetic Environment more congested, restricted, and contested. EW provides forces with the ability to create military advantages at tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Featured Publications

Quantum Technologies for Air and Space

Quantum-Enhanced Radars and Electronic Warfare: Use Cases and Timelines
By Dr 
This article is the second instalment of a three-part series that delves into the realm of Quantum Technology (QT). Specifically, it explores the applications of this cutting-edge field within the military’s Air, Space, and Cyberspace [...]

Electronic Warfare in Ukraine

Preliminary Lessons for NATO Air Power Capability Development
By Mr 
The Russian Federation has invested heavily in Cyber and Electronic Warfare (EW) since the 2008 military reforms as an asymmetric response to NATO military capabilities that depend on sophisticated electronic systems. However, Russia has not fully [...]

Beyond SEAD

Synchronizing Joint Effects to Combat an A2/AD Threat
By Maj 
By Sqn Ldr 
In ‘The History of the Peloponnesian War’, the ancient Greek philosopher-historian Thucydides charted the war events which took place between Athens and Sparta (431–404 BC). One of the most significant parts is the ‘Melian dialogue’, [...]

Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Athanasios Sdrakas

Subject Matter Expert 
Electronic Warfare and SEAD

Lieutenant Colonel Athanasios Sdrakas graduated from Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Academy with a BSc in Aeronautics in 2000. He holds two MScs in International Affairs from Nicosia University of Cyprus and in Environmental, Disaster and Crises Management Strategies from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He initially served in the...


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