Attack Helicopters

Military rotary wing forces play an integral role in the land, sea and air operations of modern services. Attack helicopters, as part of these assets, conduct either Close Air Support for ground troops or can be used in an anti-tank role to destroy armoured targets in close combat attacks. They may also escort lighter helicopters in reconnaissance missions or protect transport helicopters carrying out their cargo, MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) or other missions.

The most modern configurations of the attack helicopters, ready for Multi-Domain Operations, will play a significant role in different kinds of operations and tasks. In the future, it is likely to develop airframes designed to adapt to various types of missions and/or built multirole assets capable of missions even with unmanned systems as part of a MUM-T (Manned-Unmanned Teaming) scheme.

Featured Publications

A View from Above

Air Domain Focused Observations on the Ukraine Conflict
By Maj 
By Wg Cdr 
By Col 
By Lt Col 
By Maj 
Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, with no prospect for termination of the hostilities in the foreseeable future, some initial observations can be made with respect to the air domain. These [...]

Human-Machine Interface: An Evolutionary Necessity

Developing Benchmarks for Future Driven Interface Designs
By Lt Col 
By Lt Col 
Optimal pilot-aircraft interaction has always been considered a cornerstone for achieving effective operational performance while maintaining a high level of safety during a task or mission. As more and more complex flight tasks are carried [...]

Manned-Unmanned Teaming

A Great Opportunity or Mission Overload?
By Lt Col 
In the next decade, a number of nations will replace or update their current helicopter fleets. Aware of this, the NATO community has set up different working/study groups, to determine the requirements for the new [...]

Subject Matter Experts


Tamás Oszlár

Subject Matter Expert 
Attack Helicopters

Major Oszlar joined the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) in 1987 and started his military education at “Szolnok” Military Aviation College in Hungary. He was assigned to the 31. “Kapos” Tactical Fighter Wing 1990 as air traffic controller. He graduated on NATO Staff College Joint Command and General Staff Course at...

Lieutenant Colonel

Emiliano Pellegrini

Subject Matter Expert 
Attack Helicopters

Lieutenant Colonel Emiliano PELLEGRINI was commissioned in the Italian Army in 1990, when he was admitted to the Italian Army Military Academy. After five years of studies in the Academy was appointed as Mountain Artillery Officer where served for four years before to transit to the Italian Air Force schools...


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