Precision Guided Munitions

Since Operation Desert Storm, there has been a remarkable increase in the employment of guided precision weapons instead of unguided “dumb” bombs. Current political and geopolitical trends, such as uncertainty, financial constraints, workforce limitations, and no/low collateral damage requirements, are driving the technological developments of Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs).

Today, PGMs hit a variety of targets in complex and contested environments from long distances, supporting missions across every branch of the military and in all domains. NATO needs to be in line with the development of the next generation of PGMs to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats.

Featured Publications

Hypersonic Weapons on the Front Line

Deterrent or Detractor?
By Cdr 
Some regard hypersonic weapons as a niche capability that offers a new first-strike capability for a small set of high-value targets, while others argue they have little real impact beyond strategic messaging of national prestige [...]

Targeting with Due Regard to Cultural Property

By Mr 
By Prof. 
Damage and destruction of Cultural Property (CP) is a regrettable feature of warfare throughout history. The reasons range from the incidental, such as careless indifference, collateral damage coincident to legitimate acts, or lack of knowledge [...]

Good News or Bad News?

Embryonic Development of Network Enabled Weapons
By Lt Col 
By Mr 
In the past few decades, the way we have understood conflict and war has seen a tremendous change. War had traditionally been understood as armed physical violence. Today, global security challenges are changing faster than [...]

Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Giovanni Zanier

Subject Matter Expert 
Precision Guided Munitions

Lieutenant Colonel Giovanni Zanier joined the Italian Air Force in 1994, attending the Italian Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli (Italy) as ROTC pilot. He completed the Basic and Advance Pilot Training course at the 61st Air Brigade – Galatina AFB – in 1996, before attending the AM-X OCU in Amendola...


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