Manned Air (Fixed Wing)

Over the last few years, various NATO and non-NATO nations incorporated 5th generation aircraft into their inventories, creating several challenges such as integration with 4th Generation fighters, training options and adversary support for these platforms. Furthermore, some nations have moved directly to 6th Generation systems which could potentially aggravate these challenges, with the inclusion of manned-unmanned teaming, Combat Clouds and Artificial Intelligence among others.

At the JAPCC, we look for future solutions to those challenges and contribute to the development of manned air capabilities.

Featured Publications

Fifth-Generation Intelligence Considerations

Cannot Be Afterthoughts
By Maj 
To unleash the full reconnaissance capabilities of fifth (and future) generation platforms, we need to prioritize and enable their potential for Non-Traditional Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR), wherein non-ISR (albeit ISR-capable) platforms are tasked with [...]

Russian Air Force’s Performance in Ukraine

Air Operations: The Fall of a Myth
By Lt Col 
On 24 February 2022, the world witnessed outrage over Russian missiles attacking multiple targets in Ukraine, waves of helicopters at very low altitudes in what appeared to be aerial assaults on various airports, and reports [...]

Future Approaches to Red Air Delivery in NATO Air Forces in 5th Generation Fighter Training

By Lt Col 
Red Air is a significant part of the NATO fighters training. However, this function is increasingly tricky for NATO countries to carry out, especially individually, due to the associated costs and the lack of materiel [...]


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