Andy J. 

Fawkes MSc MBA 

Consultant Thinke Company Ltd

Andy J. Fawkes MSc MBA began his career in 1979 in the UK Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, and after his training he worked on number of submarine projects and taught nuclear systems at the Royal Naval College Greenwich. Following several central MoD policy posts including HR and in the central MoD science staff he moved into the field of training and simulation in 2000. Since then he has held a number of positions including the MoD simulation policy lead, joint training systems sponsor, and the UK representative on the NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) for 12 years, including 2 years as the Group Chair. On leaving MoD in 2012 he has been an independent consultant and regular public speaker on simulation and technology. He also provides consultancy support to Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global provider of training simulation software and Ocean Software, which provides military air training and operations management software.

Information provided is current as of December 2018

From the Author

The Future Role of Artificial Intelligence

Military Opportunities and Challenges
By Mr 
Andy J. 
Fawkes MSc MBA 
By Lt Col 
Artificial Intelligence (AI) today is one of the hottest buzzwords in business and industry, and it has military applications, too. In fact, industry has developed AI as a technology over the last 60 years, and [...]

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