von Spreckelsen 

NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff

Commander von Spreckelsen joined the German Navy in 1993 and holds an MA from Kings College London. He has a background in maritime aviation on BR 1150 Breguet Atlantic as a Mission Commander. During his career, Commander von Spreckelsen held command of different naval and joint EW units up to battalion size. In between he was posted at the Strategic Reconnaissance Command. In 2015 Commander von Spreckelsen resumed his present position as the Chief of Plans and Policy in the NATO Joint Electronic Warfare Core Staff. On this position in 2017 he was appointed as the Chairman of the NATO Electronic Warfare Working Group. During his career, Commander von Spreckelsen deployed several times on different NATO missions and has 2,500+ flight hours.

Information provided is current as of December 2019

From the Author

Future Command and Control of Electronic Warfare

By Maj 
By Cdr 
von Spreckelsen 
New Functional Services are on Their Way to Enhance NATO’s Ability to Effectively Command and Control Electromagnetic Operations. During a NATO-led operation, a helicopter crashed due to a malfunction. The helicopter crashed well within a [...]

Electronic Warfare – The Forgotten Discipline

Why is the Refocus on this Traditional Warfare Area Key for Modern Conflict?
By Cdr 
von Spreckelsen 
If people talk about a modern conflict, most agree that such a conflict will be fought in all dimensions possible. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has a good view about threats it might encounter [...]

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