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Lieutenant Colonel Pasquale Masone was commissioned in the Italian Army in 1995 as an artillery officer and served as Section Commander, Battery deputy commander and forward observer until 2001 when he qualified as a CBRN officer and was posted in the Italian Army CBRN Defense Regiment where he served until 2007 as G3 CBRN. In 2008 was posted to the 1 Army Aviation Support Regiment where he was a Squadron Commander until 2010. The same year he was assigned to the HQ ARRC in UK as battlespace manager and in 2011 he deployed to Afghanistan where he served as the ISAF IJC Battlespace manager. Back in Italy in 2013 he was commissioned to the Italian Army Targeting and Info Ops Center as a targeting and joint fires officer/instructor.

Information provided is current as of February 2022

From the Author

Air-Land Integration – Bridging the Gaps in Joint with Force Education and Training

Practical Solutions for Air-Land Interoperability in NATO
By Lt Col 
Sarah V. 
By Lt Col 
In military and industry circles, it is very common to hear technology promoted as a joint and interoperable capability without much attention being paid to the people employing those capabilities. No matter how much faith [...]

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