17th NATO Air-to-Air Refueling Working Group Registration

24 Apr: AAR Joint Standardization Board
25-27 Apr: Air Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) Conference
28 Apr: US Worldwide Tanker Review


National, organisational, and industry representatives,

The semi-annual AARWG meeting will convene 23 April 2017 in Orlando, Florida, USA in conjunction with the quarterly, US AAR Joint Standardization Board (JSB) and annual Air Refueling Systems Advisory Group (ARSAG) Conference. Formal Convening Order and agenda will be sent to the Heads of Delegation via NSO. Please register for the AARWG online at: www.japcc.org/aarwg. Submit presentations via the NSO AARWG Forum https://nso.nato.int/nso/ under “17th AARWG Presentations”. If you intend to attend ARSAG and/or the JSB, register at http://www.arsaginc.com/arsag-17-convention.html

Topics to be covered at the 17th AARWG:

  • National updates (only updates to clearances, procurements, SRDs)
  • Organisational updates (again, only AARWG necessary info)
  • ATP Ed D
    • SRD 1 & SRD 1 Template Progress
    • SRD 2 Updates requested at Oct AARWG
  • ATP 3347 Final Edit Submissions
  • ATP 334 Final Edit Submissions
  • ATP 3345 Final Edit Submissions

Dress code: National Heads of Delegation–Service Dress; All others–Business Attire (Jacket & Tie)
Fee: €0

National and organisational Heads of Delegation, please review the above current documents at www.japcc.org/aar or in the NATO Standardisation Document Database. Submit specific edits to the NSO AARWG Forum found at https://nso.nato.int/nso/ in the corresponding Topic Thread.

Follow AARWG Leadership on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/ed-markie-8ba56575 & https://de.linkedin.com/in/victoriatorithomas

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