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National Military Space Operations Centres

Requirements on National Centres with Respect to NATO Needs
NATO does not have space-based resources of its own; however, the organization is heavily and increasingly dependent on space data, products and services to conduct military operations, missions and other activities, as well as executing [...]

A View from Above

Air Domain Focused Observations on the Ukraine Conflict
Although the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is still ongoing, with no prospect for termination of the hostilities in the foreseeable future, some initial observations can be made with respect to the air domain. These [...]

The Next ‘Small Step for Man’ in the Metaverse

Operating Between Virtual and Physical Worlds
On 28 October 2021, when Meta five years before the actual COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. ‘Over the next two to three years, virtual meetings will shift from the 2D camera image grid format to a 3D space [...]

Collective Defence in the Space Domain

Confining the Ultimate War in Threatened Space
Space is fundamental for contemporary national security missions. NATO perceived the significance of Space in military operations and for national security by formally designating Space to be an operational domain in December 2019. As the [...]

Defining the Swarm

Challenges in Developing NATO-Agreed Terminology Across All Domains
In recent years, the terms ‘swarm’ and ‘swarming’ have been among the most prevalent buzzwords in the uncrewed This article aims to outline the challenges and provides food for thought when discussing a future definition [...]

Cluster Satellite Architectures

Micro Satellites Formation Flight
Satellites make outstanding contributions to the military, political, and economic power of states, especially in surveillance, reconnaissance, offensive, and defence missions. Besides their low-cost development and zero risk to human life, satellites also have the advantage [...]

The Role of Aircraft Carriers in a Contested Age

Retaining Primacy in the Maritime Domain
As the Maritime domain is becoming an increasingly complex and contested environment, questions are raised as to how future operations at sea will be conducted and what capabilities will be needed. In this regard, the [...]

Close Air Support Command and Control

Digitally Enhanced CAS Operations
Today’s military operations are becoming more complicated with the increasing number and variety of options available to commanders at all levels. The expansion of military activity beyond the Air, Maritime, and Land domains to Space [...]

Human-Machine Interface: An Evolutionary Necessity

Developing Benchmarks for Future Driven Interface Designs
Optimal pilot-aircraft interaction has always been considered a cornerstone for achieving effective operational performance while maintaining a high level of safety during a task or mission. As more and more complex flight tasks are carried [...]

Good News or Bad News?

Embryonic Development of Network Enabled Weapons
In the past few decades, the way we have understood conflict and war has seen a tremendous change. War had traditionally been understood as armed physical violence. Today, global security challenges are changing faster than [...]

Artificial Intelligence – Human Symbiosis in Fighter Aircraft

End of the Fighter Jet Era or a New Evolution?
‘The fighter jet era has passed.’ These words were famously spoken by Elon Musk at the 2020 Air Warfare Symposium when prompted to describe the future Air Domain. Musk’s position appears to be supported by [...]

Journal Edition 34

On 24 February 2022, our world shuddered with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Directly adjacent to NATO’s borders, this treacherous act should be considered a wake-up call for recognizing the dangers and threats still facing [...]

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