Air Operations Planning

This is an important phase before and during any operation or exercise. Since NATO is evolving from JOINT Operations to MDO, more planning, coordination, and standardization are necessary to improve the cost-efficiency of any effort.

The SME for Operational Air Planning/ Education & Training supports education and training and promotes the evolution of the respective NATO doctrine. New technologies that improve the quality of Air C2, like AI, are explored. The JFAC and its sponsored exercises are venues to explore options where AI could improve the conduct of operations. Since ACCS, crucial to all operations and exercises, is planned to be replaced by another C2 system, this SME is involved in the “Air C2 Analysis of Alternatives”.

Featured Publications

Russian Air Force’s Performance in Ukraine

Air Operations: The Fall of a Myth
By Lt Col 
On 24 February 2022, the world witnessed outrage over Russian missiles attacking multiple targets in Ukraine, waves of helicopters at very low altitudes in what appeared to be aerial assaults on various airports, and reports [...]

Introduction to the Resilient Basing Enhancement Workbook 2nd Edition

By Wg Cdr 
By Lt Col 
Van de Weerd 
In order to better assess the current resilience level of Alliance members against a full range of threats, the JAPCC has published the Resilient Basing Enhancement Workbook in January 2023. This assessment takes a comprehensive [...]

Possibilities and Limits of a C2 (R)Evolution

By Lt Col 
Military planners often focus on the development of individual capabilities without considering how they will work in concert with the rest of a nation’s forces or let alone allied forces. As with any fine symphony [...]

Subject Matter Expert


Mark Meeuwissen

Subject Matter Expert 
Air Operations Planning

Major Mark Meeuwissen graduated from the Royal Military Academy Brussels in 1988 with a Master in Military and Aeronautical Science. His carrier as pilot was performed on F-16 in the Fighter-Bomber role and on NATO AWACS up to pilot-evaluator. On both platforms, he participated multiple times in several operations: Operation...


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