Air Traffic Management and Airspace Control

The constant growth of civil and military crewed and uncrewed aerial systems, together with the extensive use of the airspace from all components, leads to the requirement for improving the overall Air Traffic Management and Air Space Control to include airspace de-confliction. Future implementation of MDO concepts will expand the requirement to include the intelligent use of EDTs like AI and ML. Accordingly, this focus area supports the awareness of ATM & ASC technologies and capabilities, their integration and employment as key enablers to NATO Air Power projection, as well as their limitations. We support the evolution of related topics by focusing on interoperability, doctrine, standardization and integration, joint operational planning, future capabilities, and training and exercises.

Featured Publications

Alliance Future Surveillance and Control

How Will NATO Continue to Effectively Monitor the Skies?
By Maj 
The NATO E-3A, or AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), had its first operational mission in 1982. This remarkable aircraft has the ability to track and detect airborne threats from hundreds of miles away, while [...]

Small Nations in Joint Air Power

Protectorates or Valuable Partners?
By Lt Col 
NATO currently consists of 29 nations, soon to be 30. Each of these states has very individual national priorities, with different threat perceptions and existing defence capabilities. This article addresses the question of how small [...]

Ensuring Military Cross-Border Air Operations in Europe

Civil-Military Air Traffic Management in a ‘Single European Sky’
By Lt Col 
In 1999, the European Commission (EC) launched the ‘Single European Sky’ (SES) initiative to solve the European Air Traffic Management (ATM) system’s inability to deal with increasing congestion of the fragmented European airspace. Bolstered by [...]


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