Command & Control and Air Battle Management

Future threats to NATO require a new, more agile, competitive, and responsive operational concept. Therefore, NATO embraced the Multi-Domain Operations concept (MDO) to ensure the necessary agility and responsiveness by optimizing x-domain effect generation and a new MDO Command and Control (MDOC2) construct based on extensive use of EDTs like AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data management.

To maximize AIR effects, it is mandatory that the management of all AIR activities, measures and means, is based on coherent commands, directions and guidance given by the appropriate authorities via a proper C2 structure. Air Battle Management (ABM) ensures that the AIR contribution to MDO is effective and efficiently integrated, coordinated and synchronized by providing the ‘who, what, when and where’ of AIR activities throughout the Joint Operations Area (JOA). In the context of MDO, JAPCC ABM Subject Matter Experts (SME) support the development of relevant knowledge and awareness of Air C2 operations and doctrine.

Featured Publications

Strategic Horizons – Advancements in Air and Space for Deterrence and Defence

A Review of the JAPCC Conference 2023
By Col 
By Lt Col 
Between 10 and 12 October 2023, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) conducted its most prestigious annual event, the Air and Space Power Conference, to enhance deterrence and defence as one of NATO’s core [...]

Alliance Future Surveillance and Control

How Will NATO Continue to Effectively Monitor the Skies?
By Maj 
The NATO E-3A, or AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System), had its first operational mission in 1982. This remarkable aircraft has the ability to track and detect airborne threats from hundreds of miles away, while [...]

The Alliance’s Transition to Multi-Domain Operations

An AIRCOM Perspective
By Sqn Ld 
The concept of Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) has gained prominence in the context of NATO’s military strategy. What started years ago as an operational answer to peer adversary competition, in particular, to counter the Russian Anti-Access/Area [...]

Subject Matter Experts


Patrick Giesenfeld

Subject Matter Expert 
Command & Control and Air Battle Management

Major Giesenfeld joined the German Armed Forces in October 2007, serving first in the army and since 2009 in the air force. He completed his officers training course in 2011. Following this he was transferred to the Tactical Air Command and Control Squadron (TACCS) 21 in Erndtebrück, where he acquired...

Lieutenant Colonel

Jürgen Welsch

Subject Matter Expert 
Command & Control and Air Battle Management

Lieutenant Colonel Juergen Welsch joined the German Air Force in 1984. In 1990 he gained a Bachelor Degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the Hochschule der Bundeswehr Muenchen. From 1990 on, Lieutenant Colonel Welsch worked in multiple operational- and staff positions within the field of AIRC2. In 2003, he switched to...


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