Cyberspace Operations

Cyberspace is not only a medium through which Joint Air & Space Forces and C2 operate, but it has become an operational domain of its own. NATO is adopting a new MDO concept that envisions extensive use of advanced cyberspace capabilities that can create powerful effects, which are synchronized with the other domains. At the same time, cyberspace is exposed to its own inherent vulnerabilities, which have the potential to undermine mission success. Assuring and maintaining the freedom of manoeuvre in the Cyberspace domain is the new imperative. The JAPCC promotes and influences the development of Cyberspace doctrine, policy, operational concepts and capabilities with a focus on its integration with NATO Joint Air and Space Power.

Our Cyberspace SMEs provide support to major Joint and Air exercises through the development and execution phases as both OpFor and ExCon. They also support the awareness of Cyber-related technologies and capabilities, maintaining and reinforcing the network of collaboration within the NATO Cyberspace Community of Interest, and researching the current and developing trends in Cyberspace.

Featured Publications

The Next ‘Small Step for Man’ in the Metaverse

Operating Between Virtual and Physical Worlds
By Maj 
On 28 October 2021, when Meta five years before the actual COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. ‘Over the next two to three years, virtual meetings will shift from the 2D camera image grid format to a 3D space [...]

Sharing Cyber Capabilities within the Alliance

Interoperability Through Structured Pre-Authorization Cyber
By Lt Col 
By Col 
By Dr 
Sharing cyber weapon/cyber capabilities requires trust between the member states, becoming a high-end policy decision due to the concerns of proliferation and the investment in designing a cyber-weapon that has a limited ’shelf-life’. The digital [...]

Adversarial Machine Learning

A Threat to NATO Missions
By Dr 
The rapid progress in computer vision made possible by deep learning techniques has favoured the large diffusion of appli­cations based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The ability to analyse different kinds of images and data from [...]

Subject Matter Experts

Lieutenant Colonel

Antonios Chochtoulas

Subject Matter Expert 
Cyberspace Operations

Lieutenant-Colonel Chochtoulas graduated from the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Academy in 1999, with a degree in Logistics. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from the Hellenic Open University and his subject matter expertise is in the Areas of Information Systems Security and Database Design and Administration. He...

Lieutenant Colonel

Eric Jodoin

Subject Matter Expert 
Cyberspace Operations

Lieutenant-Colonel Jodoin holds a Master of Science in Information Security Engineering (MSISE) from the SANS Technology Institute and has accumulated over a decade of experience in the planning and conduct of cyberspace operations. His experience include a tour as director of operations at the Canadian Forces Network Operations Center (CFNOC),...


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