Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

ISR helps to gain situational awareness, battlespace understanding and supports decision-making processes. Modern warfare is undergoing a profound transformation as Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDT) are providing great opportunities for the way we think, plan, organize and manage operations. Implementing Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) will require new Joint All Domain Command and Control (JAD-C2) structures and systems to generate effects in all domains simultaneously using a shared information cloud or combat cloud. The most effective way to achieve the transformation of ISR through the combination of Big Data management and other EDT is to enhance data-fused analysis, timely information sharing, actionable intelligence, and faster decision-making processes. This will ensure information superiority in both conventional and non-conventional warfare.

Our SME supports the development of new ISR technologies and capabilities, and their integration as key enablers to NATO Air & Space Power projection. He also promotes and influences NATO ISR doctrine, standardization, and operational concepts.

Featured Publications

Terabytes of Unprocessed Data or Superior Pieces of Info

Turning Airborne ISR into Multi-Domain Operations
By Col 
Di Loreto 
By Lt Col 
The info-operational environment in which we are immersed is characterized by conflicts that span the entire spectrum of the competition continuum, including all possible combinations of conventional, asymmetric and hybrid operations. Our military organizations have [...]


Establishing a NATO-owned Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition, and Reconnaissance Capability
By Lt Col 
By Mr 
By Maj 
By Lt Col 
Vasen DipEng, MSc 
By Lt Col 
By Maj 
Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities of a coalition, such as NATO, have always played a key role in the success of operations. Although often this is considered an invisible job, the data collection and [...]

Space Domain: A Global Vision

By Mr 
Massimo Claudio 
Space technologies moved fast in the last decade. Enhanced and new technologies combined with a business-model evolution enabled the conception and realization of a new class of space assets, which addressed new challenges and more [...]

Subject Matter Expert


Giuseppe Valentino

Subject Matter Expert 
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance

Major Giuseppe Valentino started his career in 1992 joining the Italian Air Force NCO School in Caserta. During his service worked in E.W. group as an Intelligence Analyst and had two tours to Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina) and was responsible for analysis and production in the Deployed Intelligence Cell. In 2005, he...


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