Joint Personnel Recovery

One of the most imperative responsibilities of a military leader is the protection of his most valuable asset: his people. Therefore, we consider Personnel Recovery (PR) one of the most important roles of the armed forces. It is a joint function defined as “The sum of military, diplomatic, and civil efforts to effect the recovery and reintegration of isolated personnel” (NATO Allied Joint Publication 3.7). JPR activities occur across the full spectrum of operational environments.

Knowledge of new elements likely to arise in the near future is undoubtedly an indispensable condition for future success. We aim to uncover potential gaps in policy, doctrine, education, training, exercises, and evaluations to facilitate addressing JPR challenges.

Featured Publications

Aeromedical Evacuation in NATO

Where is the Alliance?
By Maj 
Frassini, MD 
By Col 
Král, MD 
According to the NATO terminology database, Aeromedical Evacuation (AE) is the movement of patients under medical supervision by air transport to and between Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) as an integral part of the treatment continuum. In [...]

Joint Personnel Recovery 2040

A Study in Search of a Global Perspective
By Cdr 
During the last decade, the geopolitical environment has changed significantly, and it is expected to change even more quickly in the years to come. Nations and military organizations have been forced to address, on a [...]

Enhancing NATO Joint Personnel Recovery Capability

As we prepare for the future, it is critical that NATO and its nations capture the lessons identified from recent crisis response and combat operations. Turning these into lessons learned as we transition from NATO [...]

Subject Matter Experts


Marco Joudioux

Subject Matter Expert 
Joint Personnel Recovery, Joint Rotary Wing

Commander Joudioux embarked on his career with the Italian Navy in 1989. He completed the rigorous US Navy flight school, earning the prestigious “Wings of Gold” in 1992 as a fixed-wing multi-engine pilot. He served as an Anti-Submarine Warfare helicopter pilot aboard various Italian ships, operating UH1 helicopters. In 1999,...


Eelco Tolsma

Subject Matter Expert 
Joint Personnel Recovery, Joint Rotary Wing

Major Eelco S.Tolsma joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force in 1987 to become a helicopter pilot. After earning his wings he started his flying career at 300 squadron at Deelen AB which he soon left to join 303 Search and Rescue Squadron at Leeuwarden AB in the northern part of...


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