Logistics is the cornerstone of all military operations. NATO is required to carry out a range of smaller, but demanding operations, in addition to simultaneously retaining the capability to conduct large-scale high-intensity operations in support of the collective defense. To do so, the Alliance must be able to launch and sustain these missions.

Since only a few nations can independently deploy and sustain their own forces, it is important that NATO and its Allies continue to pursue collective logistics in order to provide Commanders the required level of flexibility during current and future operations. Logistic efforts are pursued along four main lines of effort: develop more capable and interoperable joint logistic capabilities at the required readiness state, optimize the Command and Control of logistics support, improve the ability of NATO forces to deploy, and enhance both the interoperability and the sustainment of these NATO forces.

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Strategic Horizons – Advancements in Air and Space for Deterrence and Defence

A Review of the JAPCC Conference 2023
By Col 
By Lt Col 
Between 10 and 12 October 2023, the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) conducted its most prestigious annual event, the Air and Space Power Conference, to enhance deterrence and defence as one of NATO’s core [...]

Assessing the Viability of Electrically Powered Flight in Military Operations

By Maj 
The trajectory of climate discourse has evolved dramatically over the years, reflecting the growing urgency of the situation. From the initial fears of global cooling in the 1970s to the subsequent shift towards global warming [...]

Organizing Logistics for Future Collective Defence

By Lt Col 
Logistics is the cornerstone of all NATO operations but is often a secondary planning discussion after the staff plans the execution portion of an operation. According to NATO doctrine (AJP-5), ‘Logistics frequently shapes the design [...]

Subject Matter Expert

Lieutenant Colonel

Francesco Facchi

Subject Matter Expert 

Lieutenant Colonel Facchi joined the Italian Air Force in 1995 and completed Basic Training qualifying in air logistics. He was initially assigned to 6th Wing at Ghedi Air Force Base, as Chief of Logistic and Supply Service, and Director of Wing Warehouse until 1999. He was then posted to the...


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