Joint Air & Space Power Conference 2021

Delivering NATO Air & Space Power at the Speed of Relevance

Conference Registration Information

We very much appreciate the growing attraction our conference has received over the last years. It resulted in a considerable number of attendees. We have reached a maximum level our small staff is able to handle and will have to ensure that we continue to meet all formal regulations that help ensure a safe and secure proceeding.

Target Audience

For participation in the JAPCC’s Joint Air and Space Power Conference, we will, therefore, have to focus on our main target audience which includes the categories of participants listed below:

  • Active military and civilian personnel of NATO and EU countries serving in security and defence related positions of their governments or forces;
  • Active military and civilian personnel assigned to positions in NATO or EU;
  • Members of selected NATO Partners as well as active professionals from industry and academia engaged in security and defence related topics.

If you are included in the aforementioned categories and have not yet received a formal invitation, you are welcome to request an invitation by selecting the respective registration option below. We ask for your understanding that you may receive a regret in case that we need to balance participation or exceed the maximum number of participants.

Email Verification and Invitation Code

If you belong to the actively serving military and civilian personnel listed above, we ask you to use your organisation’s business email address for registration. This will be sufficient to identify you as an active member of these groups. All others will receive a formal invitation with a registration code. Should you feel to belong to one of the groups listed above, and need a code to register, please do not hesitate to send us a note. We do not want to miss any active professional that can add particular value to our conference.

Overall, we wish to preserve a setting that allows our audience to have similarly informed, frank and controversial discussions as we experienced them during past conferences and are looking forward to your registration for this year’s JAPCC Conference.

Developing COVID-19 Situation and Conference Cancellation

As the current pandemic situation may involve some developments that we cannot control, please note that we will carefully monitor all legal and health requirements for the realization of our conference and will carefully implement any given recommendations. This may include that all attendees will be asked to present proof of vaccination against CoVID-19 or a negative test result prior to entering the 2021 Joint Air and Space Power Conference event in Messe Essen. As the event gets closer, we will update this information and inform all registered participants.

Should the situation develop unfavourably, we will cancel at the earliest possible date and immediately inform all those who have already registered. As part of our risk management, we intend to make a decision early enough to adjust travel and hotel bookings. Please take the opportunity to register as early as possible. We very much appreciate your earliest possible registration for reliable planning.

Conference Fee and other Administrative Information

The conference fee is 190 Euros per person. 

After you register for the conference, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to our Conference Joining Instructions, which will provide you with all further administrative details.

For any questions regarding participation in the conference and any problems with registration, please send a note to

Registration Form

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