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Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2012-2015)

Lieutenant Colonel Andrea ‘Fulmine’ Lopreiato attended the Italian Army Military Academy and graduated in 1991. After 7 years in the parachute brigade he joined the US Naval Aviation Flight School in Pensacola, Florida where he graduated as a naval aviator on multi-crew, multi-engine aircraft in 2003. After completion of Staff College he was assigned to the Doctrine and Procedures Branch in the Italian Army Aviation Headquarters in Viterbo. As Branch Head, Lt Col Lopreiato ran several capability development projects including the implementation of a Forward MEDEVAC capability and the national interface of the EDA Helicopter Training Programme. Since September 2012 he has been working as a subject matter expert in the Concepts and Development (CD) and then in the C4ISR-S branch of the JAPCC.

Information provided is current as of September 2014

From the Author

How is Close Air Support Changing?

By Lt Col 
Since ancient times, armies have sought to attack with the greatest force possible from the furthest distance away using such weapons as bows, slings and javelins; followed by catapults and ballista, but the clashes were [...]

Forward MEDEVAC Challenges

The Italian Army Implementation Programme
By Lt Col 
Current military operations have shown that medical support is a fundamental capability for an expeditionary military force. This operational requirement has been emphasised in theatres such as Afghanistan, where local medical facilities have been completely [...]

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