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Sergeant Major Aarts joined the forces in 2000 and, in July 2002, completed the Specialist Ground Defence Training and was assigned to Volkel Air Base as Group Commander within a Security Wing. In 2005, he became Training Sergeant of a Security Wing. In 2008, he was appointed as a Junior Instructor at the NLD Royal Military Air Force School Elementary Military Education. He was then posted to the Joint Air Power Competence Centre (JAPCC) in 2012 as the Senior Assistant to the Head of Publications, Promotions & Communications (PPC). In 2015, he worked within the Executive Office of the Commander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force Command as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Warrant Officer of the Air Force, and two and a half years later was appointed a Senior Instructor/Trainer at the Royal Military Academy in Breda at the 121 Squadron. In July 2019, SM Aarts was assigned to become a Squadron Sergeant Major. This position took him back to Volkel Air Base at the 900 MX Squadron. Finally, being reappointed to JAPCC in January 2022 as the Senior Assistant to the PPC Section Head.

Information provided is current as of March 2022

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