Polish National Research and Development Center for Aeronautics

Dr Borys Łukasik works as Head of Aircraft Propulsion Systems Department at Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Aviation, the Polish National Research and Development Center for Aeronautics. Łukasik’s mission is to develop institute’s competencies in the field of advanced aircraft propulsion systems, with the main focus on hybrid/electric propulsions, rotating detonation engines and others. Dr Łukasik is also a project leader of the Boundary Layer Ingesting Fan research program.

In addition to the prior responsibilities he serves as a co-chair of NATO AVT Research Task Group 310 ‘Hybrid/Electric Aircraft Design and STAndards for Research and Technology (HEADSTART)’.

Dr Łukasik is a member of Polish Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, as well as a member of European Aeronautics Science Network.

Information provided is current as of September 2020

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Hybrid/Electric Aero-Propulsion

Enhancing the Requirement Trade-Space
By Dr 
By Mr 
The use of electricity is part of the history of aviation from the very beginning. From the first electrically-powered airship in 1883 to an electric-powered helicopter used as a tethered air observation platform in 1917. [...]

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