Dr Christian Alwardt is a senior researcher in the ‘Arms Control and Emerging Technologies’ project at the IFSH, where he also heads the research project ‘Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence as Game Changers?’. Christian Alwardt has been conducting technology assessments since 2008, with his research focusing on topics of security and arms control policy, as well as the future of warfare. He is actively involved in expert committees, acts as a media contact and advises ministries and committees. Christian Alwardt initially studied physics, business administration and international relations at the University of Hamburg and graduated with a degree in physics. As part of his research at the CLISAP Cluster of Excellence, he received his doctorate in natural sciences.

Information provided is current as of February 2022

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Arms Control of Unmanned Weapons Systems

Facing the Challenges
By Dr 
Research and development within modern information technologies has resulted in rapid technological progress that is also reflected in the strategic and tactical considerations of military and security policy decision-makers. Efforts to advance the automation and [...]

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