Corporate Chief Scientist, ELT Group

Daniela Pistoia has a degree in Electronic Engineering and a diploma for Executive Management. In 1988 she began her career at Alenia Marconi Systems as an Engineer for Missile Systems and led the company’s RF Sensor Simulation and Design Studies. Having worked from 2000–2002 as the Head of Advanced Concepts and System Studies in the Seeker Division of MBDA, she joined Elettronica (ELT) in 2003. As Vice President for Research and Advanced Systems Design, she developed and managed ELT’s product portfolio related to cyber, EW, radar and electro-optical systems. Since 2013 she has been appointed as ELT Corporate Chief Scientist and Head of Product Innovation & Advanced EW Systems. She is author of numerous technical research papers and a regular speaker at international events.

Information provided is current as of March 2018

From the Author

Detecting and Neutralizing Mini-Drones

Sensors and Effectors against an Asymmetric Threat
By Ms 
Small (15–150 kg), mini (<15 kg), micro (<66 J energy state) Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) will drastically proliferate in the near future with rapidly advancing performance and functionalities. Progress in power storage, avionics miniaturization, materials [...]

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