Lieutenant Colonel


van de Ven 

Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2012-2015)

Lieutenant Colonel Erik van de Ven graduated from the Military Academy (The Netherlands) in 1992 as an Army Engineer. After serving as a Combat Engineer performing several command and supportive functions at unit level, he made the switch to the Royal Netherlands Air Force. As an Air Force Logistics Officer he gained meanwhile over 15 years of experience in the wide logistic spectrum: supply, maintenance, infrastructure and contracting. Lieutenant Colonel van de Ven held positions to include Squadron Commander, Supply Chain Manager, J4/Operational Logistics Planner and various other Staff Officer functions. He is currently employed as Subject Matter Expert in Logistics at the Air Operations Support branch of the JAPCC.

Information provided is current as of September 2014

From the Author

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft!

A Paradigm Shift for Theatre and Tactical Level Logistics in Asymmetric Conflicts?
By Lt Col 
van de Ven 
A decade ago unmanned aircraft were a virtually ­unknown phenomenon. Today, thousands are in use worldwide and the use for military and civil applications is growing very fast. One of those applications is Unmanned Cargo [...]

F-35, The Backbone of Next Generation NATO Operations

By Air Cdre 
A.A.H. (Tom) 
de Bok 
By Lt Col 
van de Ven 
To understand the F-35 as it exists today, it’s valuable to examine the origins of the program. In the early 1990’s, the United States Department of Defense launched a tri-service combat aircraft recapitalisation program called [...]

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