Brigadier General

Francesco Saverio 


Deputy Commander, European Air Transport Command

Brigadier General Francesco Saverio Agresti joined the ITAF in 1984. He was stationed for most of his operational flying career in Northern Italy and started flying the Fiat G-91, followed by the AM-X in both, the Fighter-Bomber and RECCE role. Brigadier General Agresti participated in NATO operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Operation ‘Allied Force’ in Kosovo. In the following years he attended the Advanced Command and Staff Course in the UK, held responsibilities in the Flight Safety Inspectorate in Rome, commanded the 32 Wing in Amendola (2007–2009), and headed training & exercise, standardization and then operational planning in the Air Forces Command in Rome. More recently, Brigadier General Agresti commanded the ITAF Joint Air Task Force in Afghanistan (2014) and the 1st Air Brigade Special Operations in Cervia (2014–2017). Since November 2017, he has been the EATC Deputy Commander/Head of Operations.

Information provided is current as of January 2020

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European Air Transport Command

Developing Air Mobility for Europe or How to Undertake an Audacious Idea to Tackle Efficiency!
By Brig Gen 
Francesco Saverio 
When the European Air Transport Command (EATC) was established in 2010, it was the most suitable solution for some European nations in search of a trustworthy and flexible solution to optimize the use of scarce [...]

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