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NATO Combined Air Operations Centre Uedem

Major Garrett K. Hogan is heading the Support Plans Branch, Combat Plans Division, CAOC2 Uedem, Germany. His duties include the planning, direction, tasking, coordination and supervision for, and subsequent execution of, NATO EW, ISR, Air Transport, JPR and AAR. He is responsible for the direct tasking of more than 20 Combined Reporting Centers, and tactical training of all allied military forces in support of NATO peacetime operations and Operation ATLANTIC RESOLVE. Major Hogan is a Weapons Officer and Senior Electronic Warfare Officer with more than 2,500 RC-135V / W flying hours, including 450 hours of instructor / evaluator time and over 1,250 combat hours in Operations IRAQI FREEDOM, NEW DAWN, and ENDURING FREEDOM, and operational deployments in SOUTHCOM, CENTCOM, EUCOM and PACOM.

Information provided is current as of November 2015

From the Author

The Electromagnetic Spectrum: The Cross Domain

By Maj 
Garrett K. 
‘Electronic Warfare (EW) is military action that exploits electromagnetic (EM) energy to provide situational awareness and achieve offensive and defensive effects. EW, the conduct of Electromagnetic Operations (EMO), is Warfare in the Electromagnetic Environment (EME).’ [...]

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