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Commander Ignacio Nieto joined the Navy in 1989 and trained to become an Electronic Warfare specialist. After having served years in several EW postings he joined the Spanish SIGINT community posted either on board a SIGINT vessel or as an expert within the Naval Headquarters. In 2016 he joined the NATO SCHOOL, Oberammergau as the EW/SIGINT Subject Matter Expert (SME) both acting as such and as the course director of several courses, such as the Electromagnetic Operations Course, Joint EW Course or Suppression of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD) Course. Nowadays he is the head of the Electromagnetic Battlestaff Center in the Joint Operations Command in Spain.

Information provided is current as of January 2020

From the Author

The Electromagnetic Environment and the Global Commons

Are we Ready to Take the Fight to the Spectrum?
By Cdr 
The lessons learned from the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria provide a unique insight into the complexity of conducting military operations in a congested and contested Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (EMS). Even though the term ‘spectrum’ is [...]

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