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Airbus Defence and Space

Brigadier General (ret.) Jean-Michel Verney (FR Air Force) graduated from the FAF Academy in 1987 and the US Air War College in 2003. He has 3,000 flying hours (Jaguar, Mirage 2000D) with 122 war missions and C2 expertise as a HQ officer. He joined Airbus in 2021 as a FCAS Senior Operational Advisor for Multi-Domain Operations.

Information provided is current as of July 2022

From the Author

The Multi-Domain Combat Cloud in Light of Future Air Operations

An Enabler for Multi-Domain Operations
Much has been published on new operational concepts to re-enhance Western air superiority when facing threats posed by peer or near-peer competitors with long-range and precise fires. Most experts advocate for a much more integrated [...]


In light of today’s uncertainties, there is a shared realization that NATO’s Air supremacy which has underpinned military operations since the 1980s is no longer a given. The playing field is being levelled due to [...]

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