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Mr John Fuller is the Director of Advanced Concepts at Virgin Orbit. John has been with Virgin Orbit since 2016, and is responsible for the conceptual, financial, and competitive evaluation of developmental programs. Prior to joining Virgin, he worked at Orbital ATK. John holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Information provided is current as of July 2022

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Developing an Operational Framework to Enable Interoperable Allied NATO Responsive Space Activities

Space Capabilities that are Allied by Design
With NATO facing a contested space domain, members have begun exploring responsive space capabilities that enable rapid deployment of space assets providing critical Data, Products, and Services (DPS). As explained by US Army General James [...]

Leveraging Responsive Space and Rapid Reconstitution

Enabling Resilient Space-Based Data, Products, and Services for NATO
As NATO’s reliance on Space-based Data, Products, and Services (DPS) grows, NATO member countries face a more contested Space domain with new kinetic and non-kinetic threats. While Space becomes increasingly contested, Space technology is simultaneously [...]

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