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Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2017-2020)

Lieutenant Colonel Juan Cánovas joined the Spanish Air Force in 1988 and is a qualified F-18 and F-5M Instructor Pilot. He completed Basic Pilot Training in Spain in 1992, Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, United States, and Fighter Weapons course at the 23rd Wing in Spain. He has been assigned as Instructor Pilot in the Fighter Weapons School, 23rd Wing, in Talavera Air Force Base. He also served in the 122 Squadron, 12th Wing at Torrejón AFB, where he flew the EF-18. He has worked in NATO ACC Izmir HQ, TACEVAL Division, as a GBAD and Flying Forces project officer and evaluator. Following the Armed Forces Joint Staff course he was assigned as a Materiel Group commander and Academics and Flying Group commander in the Fighter Weapons School, 23rd Wing, prior to his assignment to the Joint Air Power Competence Centre where he is in the Combat Air Branch as a Manned Air Expert. He has experience in several NATO operations as a pilot and as a battle Staff member.

Information provided is current as of December 2019

From the Author

Improving NATO Air Training

An Outlook to Future Tactical Air Training
By Lt Col 
‘Si vis pacem, para bellum’ Publius Flavius Vegetius To many military professionals, being well prepared for war means, among other things, one has the best equipment, updated doctrine and optimum training for a spectrum of [...]

Multi-Domain Operations and Challenges to Air Power

By Lt Col 
New concepts of operation, fuelled by technological advances, have facilitated interconnectivity across different domains of warfare. Consequently, this cross-domain interconnectivity now provides an opportunity to access objectives through non-linear (non-segregated) approaches. Indeed, the Alliance has [...]

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