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Knut Torbjørn Moe is the Business Development Manager at Squarehead Technology AS and a Norwegian citizen. Mr Moe manages drone detection solutions at Squarehead Technology in Oslo. He has managed multiple industrial, law enforcement drone projects in Canada, South Africa, Oman, Holland and Scandinavia, has dealt with risk analysis and capability mapping of drones for the last decade and is also an accredited drone operator. Before joining Squarehead, Mr Moe was Special Projects Manager Aerialtronics in The Hague. He was, before that, Director of Operations at EYE Remote Solutions in Geneva and Director of Sales of Ansur Technology in Oslo. He has also served on the board of the Norwegian business association for drones, UAS Norway, since 2011, and is a frequent international lecturer.

Information provided is current as of November 2015

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In recent years, military personnel have become increasingly familiar with the use of drones for anything from practice targets to air strikes. Military drones show huge promise and will certainly play an important role in [...]

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