Di Milia 

Joint Air Power Competence Centre (2019-2023)

Major Di Milia joined the Italian Air Force Academy in August 2004, where he obtained a degree in Political Science. In 2009, he started military pilot training at the Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training School in Vance AFB (US). He later obtained ‘Combat Readiness’ on the C130 aircraft at the Air Transport Squadron of 46th Air Brigade in Pisa. From 2011, he complemented his training with special skills, e.g. airdrop, air-to-air refuelling, night-vision goggle flight, and assault operations. As a pilot, he was extensively involved in air support missions abroad in Afghanistan 2011–2015, Kosovo 2012, Lebanon 2013, Libya 2014, and Iraq 2014. Furthermore, he participated in a plethora of multinational joint exercises. Since September 2019, he has served in the JAPCC as the Subject Matter Expert for Air Transport.

Information provided is current as of October 2023

From the Author

NATO Rapid Air Mobility

Bringing the ‘Rapid’ into NATO Air Transport
By Maj 
Di Milia 
‘Obtaining additional air transport mobility – and obtaining it now – will better assure the ability of our conventional forces to respond, with discrimination and speed, to any problem at any spot on the globe [...]

Policy and Strategy Panel Introduction

From the Washington Pact to NATO 2030
By Maj 
Di Milia 
As the Alliance seeks to build resilience both within the individual nations and across the command structure, synchronizing the focus and efforts for collective defence requires open dialogue and consensus on how to proceed together. [...]

Italian Bio-transport During COVID-19

Blueprint for the Alliance – How the Italian Air Force Managed Bio-transport During the Pandemic
By Lt Gen 
By Maj 
Di Milia 
The Italian Air Force (ITAF) contributes to the Ministry of Defence Coronavirus DISEASE 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic plan of action with various capabilities and structures. A key example of this is the implementation of the Bio-containment [...]

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