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Lieutenant Colonel Miklós Szabó is a 1989 graduate of the Hungarian Defense Forces (HDF) College of Military Aviation, holds a Master’s Degree from Hungary’s National Defense University, and is a graduate of the US Army Aviation Officers Advanced Course. He held different positions as an Mi-8/17 helicopter pilot, flight instructor and test pilot. He further served as unit flight safety officer, squadron commander, and commander of a transport helicopter battalion. He was a senior helicopter SME at the HDF General Staff, developing operational requirements for helicopter procurement and strategic concepts for military aviator training. His operational experience includes domestic disaster relief operations as well as an ISAF Mi-17 Air Advisor tour. He is currently the Helicopter SME of the JAPCC Combat Air Branch.

Information provided is current as of June 2018

From the Author

Beating Cold

Rotary Wing Operations in the Arctic
By Lt Col 
‘NATO needs realistic training, where we can combine operations in the air, at sea and on land. In Norway we get everything, this is one of the best places to train in Europe … The [...]

The Future NATO Rotorcraft Force

Capability Requirements through 2030 and Beyond
By Lt Col 
During the Wales summit in 2014, the need for modern, robust and capable forces at high readiness, in the air, on land, and at sea, in order to meet current and future challenges was highlighted. [...]

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