Stensson, PhD 

Swedish Air Warfare Development Department

Major Patrik Stensson, PhD, joined the Swedish Air Force in 1988, becoming a fighter pilot flying the Viggen until it retired from service in 2004. In 1998 he acquired an MSc in engineering physics, specializing in computer systems, and began working with military research and development, focusing on human-systems integration. In 2014 he acquired a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. His interdisciplinary research concerns usefulness of advanced technological systems and focuses on the human role in achieving desired effects in real world situations. Major Stensson’s current assignment is at the Swedish Air Warfare Development Department.

Information provided is current as of November 2015

From the Author

Capability in Practice and Tactical Superiority

Theoretical Reflections about Air Power and Deterrence from a Small Nation’s Perspective
By Maj 
Stensson, PhD 
Deterrence is the act of making someone decide not to do something, it is about preventing a particular act or behaviour from happening. Deterrence is a strategic effect. The principal question then becomes what comprises [...]

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